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DPack - Visual Studio 2008 Add In - survival card

Since I've started using Visual Studio I was looking for the editor functions that I was able to use with Delphi (yip I've moved from the Borland Delphi into the .Net world a few years ago). Some of these Delphi functions were out of the Delphi box, some of them were provided by additional Add Ins, installed as the Delphi extensions. Unfortunately I had not been able to get the similar features working with Visual Studio until I have found DPack (http://www.usysware.com/dpack/).

DPack is a freeware Visual Studio 2008 Add In that is installed and working inside of the Visual Studio editor. The most useful DPack features are:
* Code Browser
* File Browser
* Solution Browser
* Framework Browser
* Numbered bookmarks
* Code Navigation
* Solution statistics

These features are very well described on the DPack website.

DPack survival card
To help myself to familiarize with this Add In, its shortcuts and features I have prepared the DPack - survival card. It is one page card that will help you to survive and familiarize yourself with the DPack shortcuts. You may print it and keep near the keyboard to remind yourself the forgotten shortcut any time you want. I am sure that after a few days you will know the DPack so well that probably this card will not be required any more.

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